Monday, September 15, 2008

Eclipsed Thoughts

I have seen so many people who used to tell we should do this that blah blah but what they mean...actually they don't mean it.a student does not get good marks teacher thinks that he is dull...if a friend doesn't help another friend at crucial point he thinks that he is no is very difficult to judge someone.most of the people made their mind about others by hearing from others or by their own my state there is proverb "naukri kar sakari na ta becha tarkari" meaning if you want to do job then go for government service otherwise sell vegetables.Why people have preset their mind about others.They are mentally ill people.spending years on study for meagre salary and that also not paid on time.....their thinking eclipsing the new generation.....and thats why sometime suffering from flood....sometime from drought.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I meet with so many people who used to tell that i could not do this - that due to not getting support from my family,friend etc. but i was potential candidate for that post,exam etc.I was also among them.But as time went i realized that people alwys blame others and never resolve their inner problem.Meaning either they do not know their potential or they must not have worked hard to get that.Some people like me r conceptually weak in some subjects but wanted to reach on top.its OK to dream but at least we should know that we have caliber or not.when i did not worked hard i got the thins what i wanted these things happened before 9standard.Before i was frivolous father always pressed me to get best marks in school so i did.i thought to be state topper in 10 std. and for that i am honestly telling i put my whole effort to get that.i studied day-night and became eccentric person.And lastly when exam came i became sick and could not perform well.i tumbled after that because i did not get good percentage and myself and my father could not talk for next 6 month.Since my father worked hard for this things.he used to cook food for i feel very bad.then i decided i will never work hard.But again after 12 i thought to work hard to get into good college and i did for six month but again after death of my...i could not on study and next one year i did not study a single.I am bit emotional and weirdo person.And then i took life as easy as possible.never worried but sometime ups-downs come.There is long list of my failure but still i think i can compete in this competitive world.And I will.....


Doon public School(Doon School):-This was my first interview for 6Th std.This interview i attended in bihar Secretariat bhavan.Interviewer did not impressed by me and i could not get selected.

TCS:-could not clear written test. not feel sorrow since its not good company.

WIPRO:-clear written but some conflict with interviewer did not get.worst company not because i did not get.i have asked those who worked there.

Satyam:-clear written test but finally did not get probs.

Huwaei:-i hate programming and mostly they asked programming and some weird Q.So i did not get feeling

Tata-elxi:-could not clear written test.feel sorrow.good company if u want to learn.

Sonata:- could write test due to conflict b/w me and sorrow

:-Went for test but they did not allow me since i had not brought my id-card.
started feeling.

polaris:-did not clear written test.upset

L&T:-did not clear written test.upset

Poseidon:- clear written test and attended interview for 2 hrs at night 11o'clock.finally did not get it.very much depressed

Honeywell:-Clear written test and next three rounds but finally did not get.oh no

IBM India:-clear written test and went for interview.And interviewer bahut khadush young chutiya aadmi that.did not get it.felt upset at that time but not after.IBM India is not good company.

Accenture:-clear written and did not get through GD.worst company(Accenture india)

there were some more companies where i did not get.Among all companies i really feel bad for Honeywell since i was electronic graduate guy and this was related company.

Latentview Analytics:- This was a sart up company by some iits and iim guys.I got into it.But i was totally different field related with statistics.Intially i was very upset but after working i feel interesting.Since i hate programming , so i liked dataming.

Then Again some more interviews after getting 6 month of exp. in statistics but serious abt. moving the job..still not

CITI bank:- they asked question related with stat i could not answer except few.enjoyed

after one and half year

TATA AIG:-interviewer did not asked any technical question.Did not get.

E-bay(Telephonic interview from uSA):-Answered all the question but there was another
round in india face to face.Due to time constraint i could not go.

SHELL(Two hrsTelephonic interview from USA):- did not get it.

Transunion(D&B took the interview on behalf of transunion):- very much satisfied with interview.But finally did not get.

HSBC chennai:- Two hrs telephonic interview.Got it.but there timing was not good(2pm-11pm).so told not interested.i am very lazy person i used to prefer comfort in place of money.

Since i am working for FORD Credit(ford is my company's client) and moving after some time.I always prefer comfort so i did not work hard in companies.Some people used to tell me i want to be like u.I tell be yourself and be happy.Thats need to work hard according to individual potential, they will reach to their destiny.Sometime failure makes sense but we will have to learn and come up with that not repeat.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Golmaal hai

i was not much influential guy in my school.But i had contact with some guys who were very much influential.It was before sentup exam.It was just last year in that school.And our school management decided to give volley ball to 10th standard guys.But not everyone will get volleyball.Those who were captain of their area only can get the volley ball.For this that guy will have to bring some certain number of people signed by individualone.some people in my class got volleyball.At that time I also thought to get one volleyball but i do not had numbers.Examination was coming near.Oneday one my classmate came and asked me do u want volleybal i became ecstatic..i just thought why this guy is asking to i asked why u want to give me..he asked me to sit near by me during i told ok..he was one of the member of distributing teamd and very influential person...he created some fake team and made me captain of the team and somday after i goot the volleyball..volleyball is still in my house but not in good shape.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Bad taste but good experience.

I always give more priority to health after seeing horrible pain of....So I decided to go for checkup in good hospital due to some fear i had.Since rheumatism is genetic diseases and it actually blocks the movement of each and every joints of body
and there is no perfect medicine for it.After long time i made my mind to got to CMC vellore(India's most prestigious hospital).Before going to vellore i collected information about this hospital and 99% people gave the positive feedback and most important information i got from my friend whose mother had cancer and now it is cured there and she is perfect.meanwhile i thought to go to Appolo also but some people suggested me not to go there since it is too costly.So i zeroed my plan to CMC Vellore.I took one week leave from my office.Vellore is just 2hrs from chennai and i am staying here so it was not great problem.First i went for appointment and i got appointment after month of particular doctor.Reached there got help from my friend and stayed 5days lonely.They wrote some eight test.reports came after three days and next day when i met to doctor he told that i had no problem then i told little bit about rheumatism...i was satisfied with his reply and service provided by CMC.Every thing happened within prespecified time interval.Since doctor told me to do yoga,exercise blah blah and Little bit medicine nothing more.So i was totally satisfied.
After four month again I came to Vellore with my friends.My friend had some allergic problem(cough,cold) so i referred him to come here.I joined my friend at 8:30 (since he was coming from bangaluru and i was coming from chennai).We both went for breakfast i took but he did not(he thought that doctor would wirte some test).Our appointment was at 10:30,we reached there at 10 O'clock.There assistant told that come at 11 o'clock again we came at 11 o'clock.Then we stayed there till 1 O'clock but there was no response meanwhile we asked so many times but they were not ready to give any information about when our no. will come.Then we thought to complain about these guys.But we did not know where and how to put complain.So we decided to ask from one doctor.So we somehow got one doctor.I was very disappointed by getting his reply.he told us if u like this place then stay here otherwise u can go back.u cannot put complain blah blah...then we both thought koi to is hospital ka maai baap hoga..then we went to receptionist and asked them,they told that go to MS office...we went there and narrated all those incidents..lady sitting there listened our problem and phoned to particular department.And finally we met with doctor.And that doctor was Early nice and again i satisfied with service but some bad taste.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


There are two incidents which i will never forget .And both incidents are in different pole.Truly speaking i was "gwai"(a typical villager)...but i wanted to come out from that dusty life...not because i was keen in study...kyo ki wha roj mar khani khani parti thi( i was stubborn guy and used to fight...sometime extreme also oh i cann't explain).....after sometime my father brought me with himself....jhand life ho gya and my father only..oh i cann't do anything.....and this was a turning point of my life.....with fast paced.....still i remember that day...winter season....Mohammad safi kuraisi(governor of bihar) was supposed to come to my school for prize distribution (only for topper) that day i left my house at around 9 o' whole way i was thinking about my marks.there was tough compettition btw. me and second topper..oh at least by one marks this time atleast this time i should get highest marks.....i reached the school but did not go to school campus....i waited aprox four hr....then i thougth i should....i held my breath...and directly went to see the result...ohhhhhhh i was not able to speak anything...topper but only by 1mark ahead..ecstatic.pleasant surprise and finaly got the prize from governor....nostalgic moment.
Again after long time .....i was taking my brunch and i had to go for exam.Even i never gave respect to her but still i love.....i had not talked to her for long time*tear*......because i cannot see her pain......but strike in my mind...she is leaving us for forever......i went for exam...after long time apne dosto se mila due to busy schedule.....then we went resaurant and had something there......back to home around 7o'clock......but this is life.......i waisted my three years......long way to go....sigh.....after years i changed my and downs r part of life..enjoy every moment of is is full of one can one can predict....and that is life.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Respects beget respect

I never wanted to come to south but that was my luck..i got tickets just 2 minute before starting the train...that was day 15th august2002.17th august reached to chennai and here i suffered lot no one was giving exact direction.Somehow we got the bus for Thanjavur(temple city) ...............spending more years in tamilnadu i could not understand people's mentallity.But i liked this place during these years.First in my life i saw electricity in village..oh awesome.I think in india only Tamilndu is one of the most cultured place.slolely i learnt kunchum kunchum tamil also.oneday i was in travelling in bus and asked something in tamil and i told tamil thereyade..he felt good and told something in tamil.After completing my graduation i came to also i faced the same problem.Suddenly i saw one guy was asking address to a person,who as looking like beggar....he called him sir and got good response.From that time i also followed the same principle and used to ask Sir(conductor) i want to go to this can u tell me which bus will go..just example...oh got well defined answer statistically.thats why i named this post "respects beget respect"

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

why i am blogging?

suddenly i started writing.....even i created one blog in 2006 but deleted...but why?..always i wanted to write about my life journey but everytime something stopped me... my friends pressed me if u want to write then write why r u day i was sitting in my room room mates were not there and at 11am reading newspaper...suddenly i lost...........then i decided i will write so that down the line i can see myself what i was and what i am now.satisfied...sometimes only i satisfied by myself.Due to time constraint and my laziness i am not able to write...i want to add one character in my story named is one more thing..before writing i started reading some blogs and i liked few.